This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see

Clicking any of these links or downloading the WinAuth software constitutes unconditional agreement and acceptance of this license.

WinAuth Version 3.5

This is the latest stable version of WinAuth.

WinAuth 3.5.1 (2016-06-07)
MD5: 9393C999D1412C0D28CCCEA0F9CB95C3. WinAuth.exe MD5: 3C8B42FF6BC4822FC6D874F6F21230DD

(Windows 7 / 8.x / 10 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5)

For Windows 7 using pre-installed Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

WinAuth 3.5.1 (.NET 3.5) (2016-06-07)
MD5: A4C171960457A96E5EA177BF87E8B09B. WinAuth.exe MD5: AFC2EE24D4DF9E4EC26D115A3E14CAC3

Install Instructions

  1. Download the zip file and extract its contents. There is nothing to install and only one file that you can run immediately.
  2. Double-click the WinAuth.exe file.
  3. If you get an error about missing .NET, please make sure you have installed Microsoft’s .NET Framework file from above.
  4. Click the Add button in the main WinAuth window
  5. Choose the type of Authenticator you need. Just choose “Authenticator” if it is not for one of the games or websites listed.
  6. For Authenticator, Google, Microsoft:
    • Enter a name, for example, the name of service / website / game
    • From their website, type or copy/paste the “secret key” or “secret code” into the next field.
    • It is highly recommended that you keep a copy of this key somewhere safe, in case you lose access to your authenticator. You can use this key to re-create it. Write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere safe.
    • Click the Verify Authenticator button to check the key is valid and you will see the first code
    • Your website may request you type the first code into their website
  7. Click the OK button to save the authenticator. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.
  8. You will be asked how to protect your WinAuth authenticators. Please enter a password to encrypt and protect them. You can also choose
    to have Windows encrypt the data with your user account. This prevents the file from being opened on any other computer. Click OK when done.
  9. You will now see your authenticator with the current code and a timer showing it counting down. Once the counter has ended the code will disappear.
  10. Click the Refresh icon to show the code again. The code changes every 30 seconds so you might see the same number.
  11. Right-click your authenticator to change its name, view the secret key, or remove it.
  12. Click the cog icon to set any program settings, such as keeping WinAuth on top of other Windows, which is useful when typing in the code to other applications.
Install with Microsoft ClickOnce

The latest version can also be installed using Microsoft ClickOnce. Download the WinAuth application. If you are only prompted to save a file, you will need to download the file and then open/run it in Windows Explorer.

For Windows 8 users, you may still be prompted by SmartScreen telling you how “Windows protected you PC”. You need to click the “more info” link and then you can click the “Run anyway” button.

New Features in 3.5

Steam Trading Confirmations

If you registered SteamGuard with WinAuth in version 3.3, you will need to remove it from your Steam account and add it again. This is because WinAuth only kept the SteamGuard information relevant to generating the authenticator codes, but confirmations requires re-registering.

You can go into the normal Steam client, choose Account Details, then click “Manage Steam Guard”. Click the Remove Authenticator button and enter the recovery code (aka revocation code – found from right-clicking in WinAuth).

When right-clicking , click the menu item called “Confirmations…”. This will login with your username/password and show your current trade confirmations. You can click to view more details, and use the buttons to accept or reject them.

If you choose “remember me”, WinAuth will keep you logged in (does not keep your username/password) so you can quickly go into Confirmations again.

Previous Builds

WinAuth 3.3.5 (2015-11-18)
WinAuth 3.3.1 (2015-10-24)
WinAuth 3.1.8 (2014-08-26) | (src)
WinAuth 3.1.6 (2014-07-14) | (src)
WinAuth 3.1.5 (2014-07-03) | (src)
WinAuth 3.0.21 (2013-12-27) | (src)
WinAuth 3.0.19 (2013-10-10) | (src)
WinAuth 3.0.17 (2013-09-11) | (src)
WinAuth 3.0.15 (2013-09-04) | (src)

Source Code Repository

The source code for all versions of WinAuth are available at the WinAuth project in GitHub.

WinAuth Classic (Version 2.x)

This is the latest stable release of the previous version of WinAuth. Please consider upgrading to version 3.0, which has a lot more features.

WinAuth 2.0.10 (2013-06-04) | (src)

(Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2 or newer. Click to download the latest version)

Previous Versions

Version 2:

WinAuth 2.0.9 (2013-03-02) | (src)
WinAuth 2.0.8 (2013-02-25) | (src)

Version 1:

WinAuth 1.8.1321 (2012-12-31) | (src)
WinAuth 1.7.1314 (2012-06-06) | (src)
WinAuth 1.6.1122 (2011-11-13) | (src)
WinAuth 1.5.1116 (2011-08-19) | (src)
WinAuth 1.4.1170 (2011-04-03) | (src)
WinAuth 1.3.1051 (2010-10-20) | (src)
WinAuth 1.2.1041 (2010-10-09) | (src)
WinAuth 1.1.1035 (2010-09-04) | (src)
WinAuth 1.0.1030 (2010-08-28) | (src)

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  • Kool Breeze

    It’s not giving me correct codes for google not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • Try right-clicking it and choosing Sync Time. This will correct for any time differences between your computer and Google’s servers.

  • Belkiller

    I lost my code and i want to reset but i dont find the winauth.xml file in windows 10 is there a other way?V3.3.7

    • The file is there, probably just hidden in your AppData folder. Open Explorer and go into your user’s folder. Click in the bar at the top, where it has your name (e.g. myname), and change it to mynameappdata, press . You should see the right side change to Local, LocalLow and Roaming. Click Roaming, and then into WinAuth. This is where you’ll find the file called winauth.xml. Rename it to winauth.xml.old.

  • The Dupe

    Yo, it doesn’t even download to my AppData, or Roaming. Fix this shit, sorry man, also you won’t even remove it from other accounts!

  • The Dupe

    It removes itself from the other accounts, and still it askes me for authentication to use them Such like BnS. What a duped deal man, really WinAuth, get real, also google is starting to piss me off with their two-step crap. You cannot even get it off your account to do anything.

  • The Dupe

    That, also it remains on the game, or magically? Got a hotfix button?

  • Chris

    lost my secret key and didnt made a backup from .xml ..what can i do ??

  • Benjamin

    What am i going to do if i use this on 2 different pc?

    • Use the “Export” from first PC and then “Add” -> Import on the other PC.

  • Baku

    I don’t know if it’s possible but I will ask anyway.
    There is no way of making a “Portable” WinAuth? I mean, to store it on a Pendrive and carry it with you if you need to use it on a different PC.

    • Yes, you can.

      Copy the WinAuth.exe file to your USB drive. Then open Explorer and go to “c:UsersAppDataRoamingWinAuth” and also copy the file winauth.xml onto your USB drive – into the same folder as winuath.exe.

      When you then run WinAuth from the USB drive it will use that config file.


      1) Make sure you turn off “Encrypt to only be useable on this computer” in Change Protection before you copy the file.

      2) The PC you are running it on must have Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or higher already installed.

  • Joe

    I deleted the steam authenticator from my steam account and then I downloaded the newer version. It asks me for a password whenever i launch it however my old password is no longer valid and I cannot acess the ‘add’ function. Please help.

    • Your old version of WinAuth is still protected. Just enter the password you used before. If you want to reset it, which will delete all your previous authenticators too, open Explorer and go to the folder “c:UsersAppDataRoamingWinAuth” and move or rename the file winauth.xml. Running WinAuth again will then start afresh.

  • Catherine Begley

    Hi, I’m using this for the steam authenticator. Is there any way I can use this to confirm steam trades? (as I must do this by an authenticator) Thanks.

    • Yes, the latest 3.4 Beta version does do Steam trade confirmations. It has been around for a while now and looks pretty stable so will become the real version soon. Right-click your Steam authenticator in WinAuth and select Confirmations.

      If you had added a Steam authenticator in 3.3, unfortunately you are going to have to remove it and add a new one using 3.4, since 3.3 only kept the SteamGuard information. This may mean you’re going to have to go through another 7-day holding period.

      • Catherine Begley

        Ok, I only have 3.3 at the moment but I’ll remove it and add 3.4. Thanks

      • Catherine Begley

        I got the updated version and could confirm immediately. Thanks

  • Elyr


    I recently downloaded the latest WinAuth 3.4.19 for windows 10,everything is working perfectly except for the fact that the confirmations trade does not appear despite having the latest version,also I have never installed any previous versions.

    Could it be because of steam new security requirements?

    Thank you.

    • The menu item?

      • Elyr

        Ohh…I’m silly I couldn’t find the confirmations feature because I kept left-clicking on the settings options instead of just right clicking on the steam logo…It seems I couldn’t even read properly.

        Thanks a lot for this feature,it really is amazing !

  • Retromancer

    How to use auto-confirm? I didn’t manage to find this option. I’m using 3.4.19 version

    • Right-click and choose Confirmations. Login then select the “Check every” and choose “auto confirm”.

      • ETO灬XL

        After select the “Check every” and choose “auto confirm”,Nothing happen,Did I miss some option?

      • Retromancer

        The steam confirmations list window appears just after login, and there’s no other option besides refreshing or close this window.

      • webtax

        looks like the version doesn’t show the autoconfirm. The regular version is fine

        • Right. The Win7 portable version hasn’t got auto-confirm compiled in. Needs re-writing to work in older .Net. For now you need to use regular version.

  • Aphotic

    how safe can this app be?
    i mean to have the codes generated here or on ur pc that can be hacked/accesed?
    call me noob but i need some in depth info… :}

    • Obviously not as secure as second device. You can run WinAUth on seperate PC. If your PC has been hacked, they can already access your accounts by keylogging and MITM attacks, so you are still vulnerable. This isn’t for people who have smartphones, you should be using it and offical app.

      • Aphotic

        thanks for truthful and clear answer. gl.

  • Bert

    It keeps giving me the wrong pass’s when trying to use it for guild wars 2. Yes I have tried right clicking and doing sync, it literally does nothing and now I am locked outside of my account with no way to get in.

    • If you right-click and show Secret Key, is it the same as you wrote down?

      • Bert


        • If you’ve synced time, waited for next code, it works as expected. Suggest you contact their support to check your account details as same. Perhaps this authenticator has been deregistered from your account.

          • Bert

            I’ve been trying that but they’ve been less than helpful so far. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for being quick about this when it’s most likely not even this programs fault but the company who is using it.

  • Homma

    I’m using .NET 4.5 version on Windows 7 x64 and I can’t find any options for auto-confirmation. I right click and choose ‘Confirmations’, then log-in, but there are no other options but ‘Close’ and ‘Refresh’. Should I switch to Win10 to be able to use this feature?

    • Are you using latest beta? Did you check remember me and permanently?

      • Homma

        Oh, thank you. I checked ‘remember me’ and ‘permanently’ and now it’s working great!

  • ETO灬XL

    Can support batch be confirmed when next version? And auto-confirm always confirm failed…….

  • AbdoZaghloul

    I already have a steam account with 2fa enabled on my android device, can I still use this prog for trade confirmations on same account without having problems with steam ?

    • You can, but consider if you should. You would need to clone your SteamGuard settings (the Import from Android tab). This needs you to be able to read the files on your phone, which requires rooting.

      • AbdoZaghloul

        Thank you for fast reply.
        I would like to use it for ease of use and so I don’t have to open my android device to confirm every trade.
        Isn’t there any other way than rooting ? I’m not able to root my device ?

        • You need root to clone your SteamGuard, as you need access to the app’s files. Otherwise you would have to remove SteamGuard from mobile and add it with WinAuth, but you’ll need to wait for 7/15 days (whatever it is) again. So one or the other unless you can root.

          • AbdoZaghloul

            So that means if I activate SteamGuard on WinAuth I won’t be able to use it in the android app ? it can’t be active in both ?

          • Right, unfortunately it’s one or the other unless you can copy your data over (which requires root).

  • Zephyr


    I had to format my computer quickly,sadly I forgot about the export/import feature at that moment and I simply copy-pasted all of my paswords/login WinAuth on a txt.file instead of using the export feature.

    Is there a way for me to retrieve my authenticator? I believe I need to create a .xml format but I’m not sure how to do it if that’s the case…

    Thank you.

    • Depends what you copied. If you have all the secret keys you originally input into WinAuth, then you could just re-enter them as new ones.

      • Zephyr

        Thank you for your quick answer,I have the winauth password to log in and the recovery code which is what you were referring to I think?

        The issue is that I enabled the encryption to only be usable on this computer and since I formatted…

        I’m confused how can I re-enter as new ones exactly?

        I apologize for the inconvenience,it doesn’t seem that way right now but your your program has helped me a lot in the past, I can’t thank you enough for that.

        • If you had encryption to be “only useable on this computer” then there’s not much you can do there. You would need the Windows account password reset disk, or a way to access your registry from before you formatted.

          For Steam, with recovery code can be used to remove SteamGuard from your account. You can then add a new one again.

          So without backsups/access to old machine, all you can do really is start WinAuth fresh, remove SteamGuard, and add a new one.

  • DaDaDa

    Hi, thanks for your program, it’s VERY useful :D
    I’m a Steam user, I wonder if you could update WinAuth and make it possible to finish multiple Steam market confirmations with 1 click? Some times I have to sell hundreds items on market and it really takes me lots of time to confirm, I’m dying to have a “confirm all” button xD

    • That’s a good suggestion. I’ll look into adding it.

  • Pablo Castro

    I get this error while trying to enter my steam guard code into winauth “No OAuth token in response” any idea why?

    • What version? Is Steam working on your PC?

      • Pablo Castro

        BETA 3.419 Yes steam is working.

        • Can you enable logging. Create a shortcut to WinAuth.exe, or edit existing one, and add “–log debug” at the end e.g. “….winauth.exe –log debug”. Running WinAuth will generate a winauth.log in cUsersAppdataRoamingWinAuth. Can you email it to me.

          • Pablo Castro

            Did as you said and there doesnt seem to be a log where you said, only a winauth.xml

          • Marcelo Henrique

            Hello, I got this same error. I wonder if you found out how to fix it yet?

          • Pablo Castro

            No I haven’t, bit disappointing as I want to sell some trading cards.

  • kodygardner

    ya same error no oauth token in response

  • kodygardner

    2016-03-15 04:47:40.6764 WinAuth.SteamAuthenticator GET System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.

    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

    at WinAuth.SteamAuthenticator.Request(String url, String method, NameValueCollection data, CookieContainer cookies, NameValueCollection headers)

  • dima

    so i currently have about 20 market confirmations and i put it on check every 1 minute to auto-accept but they’re not being accepted. is this normal?

    • Did you turn on auto-confirm after those 20 were there?

      • dima

        probably. i definitely had the notification window open but i thought i had enabled it first.. hopefully it’ll work from now on, thanks for the reply!

        • That’s how it works at the moment, only auto-confirming any news ones. However, it’s changing for the next build.

          • dima

            ok i just wanted to ask what’s the proper procedure for having this on my desktop at home and my desktop at work at the same time? should i just backup the settings from home and restore them at work?

          • That’s the easiest way. Use WinAuth to export your data into a password protected file, then use the Add button to import them into the other PC.

          • dima

            thanks again man! i love your software! i was worried i was going to have to stop selling things on steam.. but this way i don’t even really need the steam app on my phone anymore

          • dima

            ok i now have it on both my desktops.. unfortunately my trades will be held for 7 days because i had to remove mobile authenticator :/
            hopefully this is a good enough setup, and after 7 days i can get back to trading normally. i hate all this new steam crap

  • The Organic Angel Alexiel

    Sadly my computer is really old. Will there be a Trade Confirmation option in a version that runs under XP? :/

    • If you have XP SP3, then you can use .Net 4.0 and the latest version on WinAuth. If you have XP SP2, you can use .Net 3.5 and confirmations are going to be added into the next WinAuth .NET3.5 build

  • fauxhb

    hi! i wanted to know, does trade confirmations appear only AFTER 7 days once you add 3.4.19 NET 4.5 authenticator?

    • Same rules as if you had added SteamGuard.

      • fauxhb

        i meant in your app, cause i don’t see the confirmations option at all

        • Right-click, should be in the menu.

          • fauxhb

            i have just removed authenticator, removed roaming data and added authenticator again. the options menu doesn’t have an option “confirmations”. do i need to follow some more complex process to wipe data from winauth for a new setup?

          • You don’t see “Confirmations” when you right click? LIke this

          • fauxhb

            nope, it’s not there. i see same menu as in 3.3.7. i think i may need to clear all app data an re-add authenticator, but i am not exactly sure how to do that.


          • You aren’t right-clicking. Don’t click the Option button, right click the authenticator line.

          • fauxhb

            haha i’m an idiot. thanks <3 somehow totally misread that.

  • Kosoy228

    Good afternoon, there was a problem when entering a program produces an error, it does not reinstall pomogla.Mozhet that you will advise

  • Юрий Тиран

    Hi! Problem.

    ( An error has occurred in WinAuth

    Метод не найден : “Int32 System.Environment.get_currentManegedThredid()”

    Some diagnostic information has been recorded and saved that might help track down issues in WinAuth )

    WinXP SP3 (32) (version WA 3.4.19)

    This problem registration in “Steam Conirmations”

  • Joseph Neil Balindres

    Hi I wanted to know
    if it is okay to use even if I dont have a PC and a USB? Can I still authenticate my steam?

    • WinAuth only runs on Windows, so you need access to PC. You need to use the official Steam app, or look at other unofficial ones if you have a mobile.

  • Jayvee Portugues

    Can you help me? How to fix No oauth response token thingy?

  • Pattrick Durnan

    I am getting a error when accepting or cancelling trades.
    ‘Trade cannot be confirmed’ is what I get if i try to cancel or confirm the trade.
    Anyone else having this problem or just me? Please help

  • menels

    Hello there!
    Just a suggestion to add, that probably wouldn’t be hard to implement.
    For steam offers, we have the option to auto accept them all (once every few minutes), or to accept each one manually.
    One thing that oculd be done is to insert an “Accept all pending offers”, as a manual confirmation for all of them.

  • YQ

    Hi ,

    When I run WinAuth and click ‘Verify Authenticator’, I receive following error:

    Could not l9ad file or assembly ‘System.Web, Version=,
    Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’ or one of its dependencies.
    The system cannot find the file specified.
    Please help.

    • Provide more info. What version are you using? Version of Windows? What version of .Net do you have installed?

  • Griffynix Diesta

    I am using the latest version of the Winauth and is using it on my Flashdrive.
    The problem is the code that is given in the Winauth for my Steam Authenticator was incorrect.
    I tried refreshing the code and posting another but it still won’t work.
    The good thing is I generated backup codes beforehand and I was able to login.
    Is there a fix for instances that the codes from the Winauth Steam Authenticator are tagged as incorrect by Steam?

    • Authenticators rely on the correct time, or the difference in the time on your computer and theirs. Right click and do “Sync Time”.

      • Griffynix Diesta

        After I do right click that sync time, will the code work right after?

  • Rockerrex123

    I need help with my problem it says “an unknown error occoured, hexadecimal value 0×00,is an invalid character.line 1, position 1″

    • Check winauth.xml file. Probably zero length. It’s been corrupted. Restore from backup.

      • Rockerrex123

        where do i restore?

        • Rockerrex123

          im pressing restore previous version and it says “there are no previous versions available”

  • Alexander

    Thank you very much for this wonderful program! You made my life a little bit easier today. :) I am a Windows Phone user, so your program is a great solution. Well, once again thank you for the SteamGuard on PC.

    • Thanks. You’re welcome.

  • Tema

    Hello! I did not find changelog for 3.3.5 and 3.3.7 versions and i think need add tuning time auto block program

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  • Blake Sommers

    Hi, is a search option anywhere in the upcoming scope of features? We have a lot of accounts in the application, having the ability to search would be fantastic!


    • Yes, it’s on the list. I need it too, which is always a way to get a feature added :)

  • Zaj4ik

    Its will be great if we could on/off auto confrim trades and in other menu on/off auto confrim item sales (Steam)

  • hey, confirmations not working on windows xp, always gives a fatal error, after confirmation appears, even if i install net

    • Which version are you using and which version of .Net do you have installed?

      • It was working fine till today, i have over 200 virtual machines. And today It stops working! Windows Xp, 7, 8, 10, all have 3.5.1. Just try to create new auth on confirm a trade and you will see.


  • NahNood

    WinAuth is God for Steam. Thank you!!

  • Radim Poláček

    Hello, i just set the win auth with my steam and i have no idea why, but i can’t find the option “confirmations” as you can see in screen.

    any idea?

    Thank you for advice

    • Which version are you using?

  • rahul raj

    sir i want to use winauth in anther pc how can i use it i have no controll in this pc??

  • Dr. Iss

    I tried to install WinAuth 3.4.23 , but after i wrote my steam guard code from email, i always got this message–> Invalid response from Steam: {“response”: {“status”:84}}
    Any idea to solve this.?

    • I believe that error is from Steam when the number number on the account can’t be used to send an SMS. Either it’s been used too much in last 24hrs, or it’s assigned to another account. Try again or add a different number.

  • linauth

    please make linux version

  • GodsHand

    I’m getting an error
    An unknown error occured: Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1,
    position 1.

    Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.

    I just need to get to my steam authenticator

  • Ouss Àma

    I’m getting an error when i open winauth.exe

    An unknown error occured: Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.

    Help please

  • Daniel Alberico

    I accidently signed out of my steam authenticator in win auth and I dont want to replace my existing one, so is it possible to sign in to an existing win auth mobile authenticator?

  • Bali505

    Works like a charm (3.4.24). Thank you very much indeed, WinAuth-Team! ♫ ☺

  • Aries Truong

    Please bring this awesome app to UWP for Windows 10 Mobile

  • Nicole Lusardi

    i need one for mac

  • Marcelo Henrique

    So, I have 224 trade confirmations waiting and whenever I try to open the confirmations tab on winauth it just crashes. Every. Single. Time. what am I supossed to do?

  • KittyHasGundam

    I had to reset my computer and when I signed in to steam on it, it says I all ready have one. how do I sign in then

  • Raven

    Thank you for all you effort! Is there a way I can hide all “confirmation failed” notifications for Steam? Silent confirmation hides all the successful confirmation notifications but not the failed confirmations. Thanks!

    • Can you log an issue on the github page and I’ll look into it.

  • jakezhang

    When I want to add the import android, tip: invalid deviceid, expecting “android: NNNNNNN”

  • Augusto César

    I will format my C drive where windows is installed, what should i do about the steam guard? Should i remove and readd when its done or not necessary? There is some file or files i can save to avoid that?

    • You need to make a plain backup. Uset he cog/menu in WinAuth and choose “Export…” and save it to a file. That file can be used to import it after your reinstall.

      Or, go in to “Change Protection…” and turn OFF the settings for “encrypt to only be useable on this computer”. Then take a copy of the file “c:UsersAppDataRoamingWinAuthwinauth.xml”.

      Or both :)

  • Sesar Solomon Rosales

    Do i need a phone for this because when I try to authorize it,it says I need a SMS-capable phone number attached in order to use this.My phone is now gone because I had one but it broke 2 years ago.Pls help

    • Yes, Steam requires you have an SMS phone attached to your account to add SteamGuard.

  • Peter Fransson

    Hey man, I don’t understand why it keeps asking me for a password that I don’t have, I’m using W10 OS, I went to Roaming folder to check if there’s something, but there’s nothing there remotely indicating anything about WinAuth. Any ideas?

    • You have a file called winauth.xml somewhere. Rename or delete it.

      • Peter Fransson

        Sorry for the double post earlier, yeah I tried to find it, but nothing anywhere.

      • Peter Fransson

        Updating you, I found it with cmd, even with show hidden folders the whole folder was hidden. Couldn’t even manually navigate to it. So I did dir winauth.xml /s /p in cmd and it found it.

  • Peter Fransson

    Keeps prompting me for a password even though I haven’t used this program before. Is there a way to “reset” it, as I’ve got nothing in AppData. I’m using Windows 10 OS.

  • What’s the function of “Set Password…”?

    • Provides a second password and on an individual authenticator.

      • Oh okay. But heres the thing.. I only have Steam on my PC since I’m not gonna download Dota 2 in my PC coz my internet connection sucks. I play Dota 2 outside like in comshops. Does it mean that I’m gonna download WinAuth there and setup again to get my code? What I’m doing is using those 30 emergency codes. I don’t have a smartphone for Steam Mobile.

        • No, you wouldn’t setup authenticator each time. You would need to use the one you have.

          Yours is not a perfect setup. Options I see are, continue what you are doing until you run out of codes, then remove and add again. Or put WinAuth.exe and winauth.xml onto a USB drive so you can use that on public PC – be aware any malware on that PC could then copy it and log your password.

          • Okay. So I’ll just have to copy the .exe file and the .xml then paste it inside a flash drive? And that’s it?

          • Make sure you’ve first turned off “Encrypt to only be usable on this computer” in “Change Protection…” (if you had it on), then you can copy the winauth.xml and winauth,exe. If they are in the same folder on the USB, it’ll switch into portable mode and work solely off the USB.

          • Thank you so much!

  • amaillo

    dude, your program is awesome !

  • Aster Zero

    I am using 3.5 but i dont see my trade notifications, please help!

    • What do you see?

      • OmG3r

        i just installed it today too, 3.5 , i added my authenicator through importing files from my other device, when i try to use the confirmation feature, i can login, but my trade confirmations will not appear

        • Add “-l debug” to the command line, which will create a winauth.log file in your AppDataRoamingWinAuth folder. Zip it and email to me.

          • OmG3r

            Hmm, i couldn’t find your email anywhere

  • OmG3r

    We can multiplie instance of WinAuth ?

    • No, it’s designed to run once only. You can alter the source to remove this and build your own version.

  • mascott3

    I have an android phone. Do you have a version for that?

    • No. WinAuth is for Windows. There are free apps available for all the authenticators WinAuth supports. You can look at Authenticator+ if you want one where you can import from WinAuth.

      • mascott3

        Thank you very much for responding. I’ll look into Authenticator+ and get back to you with my results. Cheers! {added} By the way, is GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR (Free) also able to import from WinAuth? I ask because I see it prominently offered by Google Play Store for Free and would trust that product if it works; whereas Authenticator Plus appears to cost $2.99 and as I said, I trust Google.

        • Jeremy Moore

          You can go on WinAuth and copy the secret key, then enter that into your Google Authenticator app.

  • pajuno

    Is it safe?

  • Justin Barnes

    It is possible to make this portable for use on different systems (Like running it from flash drive and/or OneDrive)

  • Nengi Amachree

    Hi Guday!!! I logged into my system trying to open the Winauth app and saw an error message reading ” An unkowns error occured: ‘,’ hexadecimal value 0×0 is an invalid character, Line 1, position 1.. ” Ive tried to deleate and redownload but it still shows thesame thing.. Pls wat should i do?

    • Your file has gotten corrupted. (UsersAppDataRoamingWinAuthwinauth.xml). Did you make any backups? Or, did have you a saved Export? If so, you can rename/delete that old file and then restore/import again.

      If you don’t have a backup, there is one made in your registry. Follow the instructions at the bottom of and email me the file. (

      • Nengi Amachree

        Am not really clear on your advice…. Please expansiate

  • Ngozi Mbah

    I downloaded winAuth on my laptop and on trying to install it required a password. Which password should I add?

  • Bluebug

    Any plans on making WinAuth multi-language? I’d be happy to help with a Dutch (Netherlands) translation…

  • Jeremy Moore

    I check for it to start up with Windows and when I restart my PC it doesn’t open..? Am I doing something wrong?

    • Which version of Windows?

      • Jeremy Moore

        Windows 10. I figured out the problem. It wanted to auto start from the .rartemp folder that winrar creates. I had to save it in my documents and open it for it to register the new startup location. Thanks also, I love the app. Also, is there any possible implementation where you can have it backup automatically, such as to google drive or a location on the computer? That would be amazing.

  • asdd loll

    None of my Steam accounts want accept any of my WinAuth codes, I’m locked out of them, so.

    • joe S

      Try changing your system time to automatic


    Please add import qr code via local pc files. Thank you its awesome project


    Mobile Google Authenticator and Winauth google authenticator not showing same code. Direct authenticator show same code with mobile i guess there is problem with it.

    And please add selecting local file option

    • Check they are both synced.

      Local file option for what?


        Adding for QR Codes

  • XOR

    “Failed to read confirmations” – WinAuth Steam Confirmations
    Asks to enter login and the password though I entered them and I remembered already. And sometimes I enter login and the password, but doesn’t enter. In what there can be a problem?

    • My own is working. Steam might be having issues. See if it keeps happening, else will need some extra diagnostic information. Create an issue on github.

  • Hulds

    so blizzard finally open sourced or provided API for authenticator acess by 3rd parties like winauth?

  • Any place I can find the changelog for old versions?

    • Github has all changes. Anything specific you are looking for?

      • Like.. just an archive of the changelogs for each release version.

        I’m still using v1.7, I wanted to read through the release notes for each of the versions released after that.

        Going through github commits, if that’s what you meant, isn’t really helpful to a non-developer.. I did try to check the ‘releases’, but most of them just say “update to and the others are particularly nondescript.

        • There are no change logs like that.

          1.7… welcome back :)

          2.x and 3.x were major overhauls. Basically no longer just It was made more generic to handle other games (e.g. Rift, Wildstar, Steam) as they added 2FA over the years, as well as the commonly-used Google authenticator.

  • John Smith

    hi, winauth version for vista pls ?

    • Vista supports 4.x .Net framework. Make sure you install that then default WinAuth will work.

  • dolkensp

    Would be awesome if it registered itself as supporting the otpauth protocol, so otpauth links would work from browsers.

    Would also be nice to have a “docked” mode – taskbar icon is almost there, but a single click on that icon could slide the pane up to fit all the registered auth methods quite nicely.

    Would also be nice to be able to customize the QR codes to include the issuer, which quite a few mobile apps (Including Google Authenticator) use as a second piece of differentiation between accounts

    Would be nice to copy codes to the clipboard on click automatically too, and/or be able to click anywhere on the row to generate a code+copy it to clipboard – basically make it super-easy to get the codes into clipboard, especially on tablets/touch devices.

    Looks quite nice other than that – I may send you some pull requests with some of these features if/when I get a chance to take a look at them.

  • Durotan

    Hi, I’ve been using WinAuth for my Steam accounts for a long time. I checked for updates via the program and it says “Latest Version: 3.4.23 – You are on the latest version.” And yet, this page lists 3.5.1 as being the latest version. If I update to 3.5.1, will I have to redo the whole Steam authentication process from scratch? I’m hesitant to try because if that happens, I’d be locked out of trading for a week.

    For your reference:

    If you registered SteamGuard with WinAuth 3.3.7 or earlier, you will need to remove it from your Steam account and add it again. This is because WinAuth 3.3 only kept information relevant to generating the SteamGuard authenticator codes, however, confirmations needs more information.

    • 3.4 was the Beta, 3.5.x is latest stable. You can upgrade safely. But should take a backup before anyway. Go into WinAuth and choose “Export…” from the menu. Save the file somewhere safe.

  • Retromancer

    Hi! I have been using Winauth for some months, but today just out of nowhere the confirmation tab is asking for my login again. The program refuses to continue after entering the data prompting a message: “Invalid authenticator code: are you sure this is the current authenticator for your account?” and hence I’m unable to confirm any transactions. It’s happening in only one of my accounts. Thanks in advance!

    • Clock is probably wrong. Right click and do Sync.

      • Retromancer

        I did try Sync time but without success.

      • Retromancer

        It’s working fine again after reimporting the authenticator files.

  • pumpkin

    Winauth default return 6-digits code, is it possible to return 8 digits? thanks.

    • Yes, but you have to import it manually.

      Create a txt file with your authenticator and the secret key like this:


      where MYNAME is the name you will display and ABCDEFGHHIJKLOP is your secret key.

      In WinAuth, click Add and choose “Import…”, change the file type to “*.txt” and select the file.

      • pumpkin

        thanks for your reply, now WinAuth can gen 8-dgits code.
        however, it still not work with my application, use the mobile app (FREEOTP) and WinAuth, it generate different code, mobile app work but WinAuth cant, both are sync time from server

  • hello, new account enrolling and trade confirming doest work anymore

    can you check it?

  • DrakulaBoy

    Confirmations not working :(

    • Can you create an issue on github, with errors and screenshots. It’s working for me so need more information.

  • Brizovsky

    Now I am using WinAuth as Steam Guard Authenticator. Could I use Android Steam Guard and my WinAuth at the same time?

    • If your phone is rooted you can copy the information back and forth. However, it isn’t straight ward and involves manual editing of the Steam config files. Easier to go from Steam->WinAuth.

  • sizzlingmind

    i am using winauth on 1 pc i want to transfer the guard on another pc without cool down need help please

    • Use the “Export..”. On the other PC, click Add and choose the file.

      • sizzlingmind

        didn’t understood can you elaborate please

        • yura

          in WinAuth on your first PC go to settings then to change protection. Disable the option to encrypt for only this computer. Now go to C:/users/”YOU”/AppData/Roaming/WinAuth and copy winauth.xml onto your flash drive. Go to wherever you have WinAuth.exe and copy it to your flash drive. Boom you’re done. When you get to your other PC insert your flash drive and open up WinAuth.exe.

      • sizzlingmind

        which file i need to choose and from where?

  • yura

    I have an IOS device that I want to use along with WinAuth. Is there a way I can do that without a cooldown?

  • Dante

    I get an error when the connection authenticator

    An error has occured in WinAuth

    Some diagnostic information has benn recorded and seved that might help track down issues in WinAuth

    It would help if you can sumbit this information so we can investigate the crash and try and fix the issue. This information does include information about your authenticators but is only used by the WinAuth develorpes solely for the purpose of investigation bugs and error reports. It does not include any personal or identifying information. Any information sent has been encrypted using PGP and cannot be read by anyone else.

    If you are happy to send this information please either click Send Error Report or you can click Show Details and manually copy the text and file a bug report at (link)

    this is not my first connection, before everything was ok

  • Steve Botter

    A nasty side-effect of running WinAuth in its portable configuration on multiple PC’s from a network shared drive, is that the *last* client that closes the app will save its configuration, regardless of whether it’s the ‘latest’ one. So this can cause entries/updates getting ‘lost’:

    If client A and B have started, Client A writes a new entry, then closes, and then client B closes, the new entry from Client A will be gone.

    Ideally, it would be wise to check if the target configuration file is different from the ‘last known’ one on saving, and if it is, opt to merge/consolidate the changes.

    I’m thinking this is also the reason behind you only allowing 1 instance of the app to run on a single machine (Can’t see why anyone would like multiple clients per machine anyway), but running it on 2+ PCs will not be fixed by that option.

  • Kain

    Even if can confirm of selling cards in WinAuth they still on hold for 15 days, why?
    Or i need to wait for 7 days before i can use it?

  • AndReyBoy

    I forgot my password from WinAuth what to do?

  • No update for a long time.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    Is there a version for XP? One of the older ones above possibly?

    • As long as .Net 3.5 is installed it should work.

  • Suddenly having issues with code not being accepted for Blizzard/

    • Try rigth-click and sync time.

  • Memen Magallon

    what will i do if i forgot my password?

    • Nothing can be recovered. Restore from backups, re-enter codes from original sources, or reset authenticator on services.

  • Karen Lee Mack

    Can I uninstall WinAuth?

    • Nothing to install/uninstall. Just press delete.

  • Mike

    If my PC does not have .NET, will “For Windows 7 using pre-installed Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5″ work without admin rights? Any situation where it won’t?

    • Windows 7 has .Net 3.5.1 pre-installed, so it should work.

  • Алена Степанова

    Authenticator stopped working. He asks for a password but does not recognize it. It is not possible to create a new account or enter a secret code. There is only a window with a password. What’s the bug?

  • Aidan Mowat

    Is this available on the Windows 10 store?

  • Jack Pilling

    I have 3.5 but still cannot find the confirmations?

  • Ruben Rodriguez

    Windows xp?

    • If you have .Net 3.5 or greater

  • Jill Connaway

    It’s not clear how to get a “secret key” or “secret code” so I never could get this to work. I deleted it.

    • Right click and select “Show Secret Key…”

  • Hamzah I. Sampao

    What if i forgot the password winAuth?