SWTOR Switches Security Key to Standard Authenticator


While not officially announced, BioWare, the developers of SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) recently put up a post on their forums that their Mobile Security Keys would be Temporarily Unavailable.

This, as it turns out, was because they were upgrading their back-end server software to support their new RFC 6238 TOTP authenticator mobile applications.

Previously, SWTOR had been using a branded version of the Vasco DIGIPASS product, providing both physical hardware tokens as well as an Android and iOS software mobile app.


This new authenticator app is immediately available from the App and Play stores and provides a stylized authenticator similar to that of the Battle.net Mobile Authenticator. However, the secret key and code generation follow the RFC 6238 TOTP standard so could be replaced with Google Authenticator on a mobile device, or WinAuth on Windows.

All users are able to switch to the new authenticator by removing the current one from their accounts and registering for a new security key. A secret key code is provided that has to be typed into the new mobile application (ed: a QR would be better). Whilst doing that, clicking Add -> Authenticator in WinAuth and entering the same secret key will provide a convenient and secure backup in case your phone is lost or just out of battery.

There is no word yet if accounts using the old authenticator will be required to be switched in the future.