Restore Feature

The same Restore feature that was added into the official Mobile Authenticator app (v1.1) for iPhone/Android has also been added into WinAuth. With this feature you can load an authenticator from an iPhone or non-rooted Android device, which was impossible before, and vice-versa. This helps ensure that you never lose your authenticator as well as allowing you to have it as portable as you desire.



You can use different skins to customize the look of WinAuth. A few sample skins have been created and included in the Source folder, but you can create your own too.



Use the new “Skin…” menu and browse to your skin files. Our samples are in a skins directory and all called “”. If you want to keep that skin everytime WinAuth loads, just tick the “Always use this skin” option. Alternatively, load the skin using the “-s skinfile” command line option.